Tape Vault #16: WHTZ, KRQT, KRBE

We had back to 1994 in this edition.  Tune…in…your…head…

WHTZ 100.3 “Z100″ New York

Another visit to 1994 when Z100 skewed rock and sounded great… Several OJ Simpson trial references in Z100’s liners as well as an early e-mail address, but no website, as radio stations started to embrace the Internet stick out here.

WHTZ 100.3 Newark-New York “Z100.” 9 July 1994.  DJ: Human Newman.

KRQT 107.5 “Rocket 107″ Houston

In 1990, dance KNRJ 96.5 “Energy 96.5” evolved to a dance/modern rock hybrid, before temporarily flipping to modern rock “96.5” for about 6 weeks that summer as a filler format until hot AC KHMX “Mix 96.5” was born.  It would be over four years before someone in Houston tried the modern rock format full time when classic rock KZFX 107.5 “Z107.5” flipped to modern rock “Rocket 107” on October 31 1994. The new KRQT did not last that long — it was re-imaged as KTBZ “New Rock 107-5 the Buzz” six months later in May 1995.  The aircheck below is from the early KRQT days, still without DJs.  On July 18 2000, the intellectual property of KTBZ and oldies KLDE 94.5 “Oldies 94.5” Houston swapped facilities with Clear Channel selling off the weaker 107.5 metro signal to Cox.  KTBZ became “94-5 the Buzz,” which it remains today, and KLDE became “Oldies 107.5.”  As for the 107.5 facility, KLDE eventually phased out the “Oldies 107.5” handle for “Houston’s 107-5 KLDE” and then in late 2006 rebranded as KHTC “107-5 K-Hits, the Greatest Hits of the 60s & 70s.”  It would shift more towards 70s classic hits as KGLK “the Eagle” in 2009.  KGLK then evolved to their current classic rock format.

KRQT 107.5 Lake Jackson-Houston “Rocket 107.” 20 November 1994.

KRBE 104.1 Houston

Another visit to KRBE‘s past, but the first to its top 40-modern rock hybrid days of the mid-1990s… KRBE was an early embracer of the Internet as it had an early website and frequently invited listeners to “wire in” to them in a pre-WiFi age.

KRBE 104.1 Houston.  20 November 1994.  DJ: Mike Taylor.

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