I think digitzing old tapes is going to take me much longer than originally thought…

Chips tape vaultFor the 15th blog from my tape vault, we go here, there, and everywhere:

  • Capital FM 95.8 London: CHR “95.8 Capital FM” 17 & 19 June 1994
  • WLS-FM 94.7 Chicago: CHR 15 October 1985
  • KFMK 97.9 Houston: oldies 11 February 1991
  • KROY 96.9 Sacramento: CHR “97 Kroy” August 1986
  • KWOD 106.5 Sacramento: CHR “Quad 106” August 1986
  • KSMG 105.3 San Antonio: oldies “Magic 105FM” 12 February 1991
  • KPOI 97.5 Honolulu: modern rock “97.5 the Edge” 28 December 1994
  • KZZU 92.9 Spokane: CHR “93 Zoo FM” 2 July 1994
  • KIOK 94.9 Tri-Cities WA: rock CHR “94.9 OK95” 2 July 1994
  • KNIN 92.9 Wichita Falls: CHR 14 May 1995

Here we go…

Capital FM 95.8 London

I rolled tape on Capital FM while on a business trip west of London to fix broken Unix servers and try to instill customer service in the local IT group at the R&D lab of the now-defunct Nortel.  Given the state of automation, remote voice tracking, and syndication today, this is a throwback to a time when top 40 outlets were live and local for all shifts and had lots of listener interaction.

Night jock Neil “Doctor” Fox would go on to be a judge, along side Simon Cowell, for the TV show “Pop Idol” (which would spawn “American Idol” here in the states).  He had been the breakfast show host on AC Magic 105.4 until a recent arrest. Breakfast show presenter Chris Tarrant would go on to host the original “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” quiz show, that would also spawn a version in the US.

Capital FM 95.8 London.  19 June 1994.  DJ: Neil Fox.

Capital FM 95.8 London. 17 June 1994.  DJs: Paul Phear, Chris Tarrant.

WLS-FM 94.7 Chicago

On to the Windy City and to top 40 WLS-FM from its top 40 days in 1985. Since this aircheck, WLS-FM has gone on to have numerous format changes. In 1986, WLS-FM relaunched its top 40 format as WYTZ “Z95.” WYTZ would evolve to a rhythmic leaning top 40 as “Hot 94-7” before becoming WLS-FM again in 1991, this time as talk. In 1996, WLS-FM flipped to a short-lived country format as WKXK “94.7 Kicks Country.”  In 1997, WKXK flipped to classic rock WXCD “CD94.7.”  In 2000, it flipped to modern rock WZZN “94-7 the Zone.”  In 2005, WZZN flipped to running the True Oldies syndicated network format.  In 2008, WZZN changed calls back to WLS-FM yet again, still running oldies, but with local DJs.

WLS-FM 94.7 Chicago.  15 October 1985.  DJ: Susan Platt.

KFMK 97.9 Houston

To the Space City…this is an aircheck in the final days of KFMK.  After a brief stint running adult contemporary, KFMK returned to oldies September 14 1990.  This aircheck comes from February 1991.  On April 2 1991, KFMK flipped to R&B “97-9 the Box” (picking up the new calls KBXX on April 27; until then, KFMK had been 97.9’s only calls since its sign-on in February 1958).  It has been R&B KBXX ever since.

KFMK 97.9 Houston. 11 February 1991.  DJs: Joe Ford, JD Houston.

KROY 96.9 “97 Kroy” Sacramento

To California’s state capital for a couple of airchecks…the first one is from top 40 KROY 96.9 “Fresh Hits 97 Kroy.”  KROY would go on to change formats to classic rock KSEG “the Eagle, All Classic Rock & Roll” in 1990.  It has remained classic rock KSEG since then.

KROY 96.9 Sacramento “Fresh Hits 97 Kroy.” August 1986. DJ: Mark McKay.

KWOD 106.5 “Quad 106” Sacramento

In addition to KSFM 102.5, the other of KROY’s top 40 rivals was KWOD 106.5 “Quad 106.”  KWOD would evolve to a more rhythmic-leaning top 40 and then flip to modern rock “Quad 106.5” in the early 1990s.  KWOD shifted to modern AC in 2005 and then would shift back to modern rock.  In 2009, KWOD flipped to 90s oldies KBZC “the Buzz.”  In 2011, it briefly flipped to rhythmic AC in September before becoming hot AC “Star 106.5” in December. It changed calls for a couple of days back to KWOD and then to KUDL earlier this year.  The KWOD calls were sent to an AM station in Kansas City while the long-time Kansas City calls KUDL were put on 106.5 in order to prevent competitors from recycling those markets’ heritage calls.

KWOD 106.5 Sacramento “Quad 106.” August 1986. DJ: Steve Croft.

KSMG 105.3 “Magic 105FM” San Antonio

To the Alamo City, here is KSMG 105.3 from its oldies days.  KSMG would evolve to a gold-based AC in the mid-1990s and then to hot AC “Magic 105.3,” which it has remained.

KSMG 105.3 Seguin-San Antonio “Magic 105FM, Good Times, Great Oldies.” 12 February 1991.  DJ: Johnny Shannon.

KPOI-FM 97.5 “97.5 the Edge” Honolulu

Next up is a trip I made to Honolulu and Maui in December 1994.  This is an aircheck of modern rock KPOI-FM 97.5 “97.5 the Edge.”  KPOI-FM would go on to be sold to Salem in 2004, which changed it to talk KHNR-FM.  The previous owners kept the KPOI calls and put them on their new classic rock station launching on the new 105.9 MHz facility.  In 2007, KHNR-FM became country KHCM-FM, which it remains today.

KPOI 97.5 Honolulu “97.5 the Edge.” 28 December 1994.  DJ: Fil Slash.

KZZU 92.9 “93 Zoo FM” Spokane

To the Pacific Northwest for a couple of airchecks from the 4th of July weekend 1994…first up is top 40 KZZU “93 Zoo FM” Spokane.  Over time, KZZU has since evolved towards hot AC and is presently “92-9ZZU, Modern Hit Music.”

KZZU 92.9 Spokane-Coeur d’Alene “93 Zoo FM, the Best Mix, the Most Variety.” 2 July 1994.  DJ: Rachel Brooks.

KIOK 94.9 “94.9 OK95” Tri-Cities WA

Next up is rock-leaning top 40 KIOK 94.9 “94.9 OK95.”  Since this aircheck, KIOK would go on to become country “Thunder Country 94.9” in 1996.  In December 2006, KIOK rebranded as “94-9 the Wolf.”

KIOK 94.9 Richland-Pasco-Kennewick “94.9 OK95.” 2 July 1994. DJs: Big Al, Bob Bishop.

KNIN 92.9 Wichita Falls

The last stop for this edition is back to Texas and Wichita Falls’ long-time top 40 outlet KNIN 92.9.  This aircheck is from Mother’s Day 1995.  Other than a period in the late 2000s when it was musically more of a hot AC, KNIN has been in the top 40 format for 30 years now, today as “92-9NIN.”

KNIN 92.9 Wichita Falls “the New Sound of 92-9 KNIN, Today’s Hit Music.” 14 May 1995. DJ: Skip.



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