More analog-to-digital gifts…

KDWB 101.3 Minneapolis-St Paul

The 101.3 facility began as WPBC-FM in 1959 as the FM simulcast and sister to standards WPBC 980.  In the early 1970s after being sold, WPBC became oldies WYOO and WPBC-FM became rock WRAH.  They would simulcast again in the mid-1980s as top 40 WYOO/WYOO-FM “U100” (given analog dials, “100” seemed close enough, reportedly, for stations at 980 kHz and 101.3 MHz).  In 1976, the stations were sold — WYOO to the owners of easy listening WAYL-FM 93.7 to become simulcast WAYL and WYOO-FM to top 40 rival KDWB 630 to become simulcast KDWB-FM.  KDWB/KDWB-FM would split the simulcast a couple of years later, with KDWB-FM going to rock and KDWB remaining top 40.  The top 40 simulcast resumed in 1984 and KDWB-FM has remained top 40 since then.

KDWB 101.3 Richfield-Minneapolis-St Paul.  11 November 1991.  DJ: Hollywood Henderson.

WKDD 96.5 “96FM WKDD” Akron-Canton

Originally signing on in 1960, the station started out as WCUE-FM, the FM off-shoot of WCUE 1150.  It changed calls to WKDD in the 1970s, becoming a mellow rock outlet that evolved to rock and then top 40 in the mid-1980s.  This aircheck comes from 1991 during WKDD’s top 40 days.  In the mid-1990s, WKDD evolved to a hot AC format.  In 2001, the 96.5 facility moved closer to Cleveland and became top 40 WAKS “96-5 Kiss FM” targeting Cleveland.  The WAKS calls and top 40 format previously had been on a weaker facility (104.9 Lorain OH) reaching only part of the Cleveland market.  The WKDD calls and format moved to what was WHK-FM 98.1 Canton-Akron.  The 98.1 facility changed city of license from Canton to Munroe Falls OH in 2010, bringing WKDD’s signal back to the tower it originally had during its pre-2001 96.5 days.   In 2012, WKDD evolved back towards top 40 from hot AC.

WKDD 96.5 Akron-Canton “96FM WKDD.” 09 December 1991.  DJ: Joe Mama.

KWTX-FM 97.5 “97.5FM” Waco-Temple-Killeen

KWTX-FM signed on the air in 1970, as the FM off-shoot of KWTX 1230 and KWTX-TV channel 10.  It has been playing top 40 music now for several decades.  The AM/FM pair and TV station were sold apart a couple of decades ago, but all retain their original KWTX calls today even though they are no longer co-owned.

KWTX-FM 97.5 Waco-Temple-Killeen “the New Sound of 97.5FM, Today’s Best Music.” 19 November 1994.  DJ: JJ Morgan.



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