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Real Gym Registry

If you are both a gym and road warrior, you know the disappointing feeling of checking into a hotel and checking out what their on-site fitness center looks like.  99% of the time, it is a small, sad room with little equipment.  Finding a serious training facility is not always easy since hardcore or old-school gyms are niche businesses typically independently owned that do not have large on-line visibility in on-line directories.  Working out in a “fitness center” is tiring when having to avoiding the Snapchat crowd live-feeding their quarter rep squats and the oxygen deprivation-wearing “Bane” wannabes.

Strength Training Seminar Notes

Last week at Destination Dallas, we had an open house that included a seminar with Josh Bryant, a well-known and respected trainer who has mentored under many powerlifting icons, as well as holding impressive powerlifting records of his own. The seminar was over two hours and was recorded to be put up on the EliteFTS website soon. As well, Josh has a new book out (Built To The Hilt) that is now available at EliteFTS. For those not making the seminar, here were some of the highlights.