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Tape Vault #16: WHTZ, KRQT, KRBE

We had back to 1994 in this edition.  Tune…in…your…head…

WHTZ 100.3 “Z100″ New York

Another visit to 1994 when Z100 skewed rock and sounded great… Several OJ Simpson trial references in Z100’s liners as well as an early e-mail address, but no website, as radio stations started to embrace the Internet stick out here.

WHTZ 100.3 Newark-New York “Z100.” 9 July 1994.  DJ: Human Newman.

KRQT 107.5 “Rocket 107″ Houston


More cassettes converted…

KRBE 104.1 “Power 104” Houston

KRBE has been in the top 40 format now continuously for over 30 years.  This aircheck is from March 3 1990 when it was still using the “Power 104” handle.  KRBE dropped the handle in 1991.  At this point in 1990, KRBE had two competitors: top 40 KKBQ 92.9/790 “93Q” and dance KNRJ 96.5 “Energy 96.5.”  KNRJ would exit in the summer and KKBQ would flip to country in 1991, leaving KRBE as the sole top 40 outlet for Houston for many years. KKBQ’s exit was chronicled several weeks ago.

KRBE 104.1 Houston “Power 104.” 03 March 1990.  DJ: Scott Sparks.

Radio #TBT: 51 Short Clips About Texas: 1989 Edition

This week, we go back 25 years for clips of 51 radio stations from around the great state of Texas (actually 55 if you count AM simulcasters).

As it was 1989, there is no reference to e-mail, websites, Twitter, or liking a station’s Facebook page.  There are lots of chances to win cassettes, however.  At the time, no owner could own more than one AM and one FM in a single radio market, and it could only own 12 AMs and 12 FMs nationwide.  So, stations often sounded different rather than today’s environment where common ownership across the country has created many stations that sound like clones.