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KEGL 97.1 “the Eagle” Dallas-Fort Worth

KEGL originally signed on the air as KFJZ-FM in June 1959 as an FM off-shoot of KFJZ 1270 and KFJZ-TV channel 11. KFJZ-FM played classical and jazz. In April 1969, KFJZ-FM changed to standards/MOR KWXI “Quickxie.” In the mid-1970s, it would shift to oldies. It re-claimed the KFJZ-FM calls in 1976 and began simulcasting the top 40 format of sister KFJZ. (For more on KFJZ and audio of its top 40 days, see my blog post from a couple of weeks ago In April 1977, the simulcast ended and KFJZ-FM became top 40 “Z97.”

KEGL1980logoKFJZ-FM relaunched as a rock-leaning top 40 as KEGL “Eagle 97” in February 1981. KEGL evolved to a traditional top 40 in 1990, but following a weekend of stunting with songs from the band The Eagles, KEGL returned to its rock-leaning top 40 roots on June 15 1992. KEGL shifted completely to album rock in 1993, still under the “97-1 the Eagle” handle. On May 18 2004, KEGL’s rock format ended and the station flipped to soft AC “Sunny 97-1.” In August 2005, KEGL changed formats to Spanish adult hits “La Preciosa.” On December 1 2007, KEGL flipped temporarily to Christmas music. On December 18, it returned to rock “97-1 the Eagle,” which it remains today.

The aircheck of KEGL is from its more rock-leaning top 40 days of the 1980s.

KEGL 97.1 Fort Worth-Dallas “the Eagle.” 27 September 1989.  DJ: Michael Black

KMCK 105.7 Fayetteville/KZBB 97.9 Fort Smith AR

In the early 1990s, Fort Smith AR market KZBB 97.9 Poteau OK and Fayetteville/Northwest Arkansas market KMCK 105.7 Siloam Springs were co-owned and simulcasted a top 40 format as “the Power Station.”  This 1992 aircheck comes from those days, recorded via KZBB on a drive I made up into Oklahoma.  At the time, local calls and frequency were inserted, so most of the references are to KZBB on this aircheck.  As well, 1992 may be about the last time The KLF with Tammy Wynette/”Justified & Ancient (Stand By The Jams)” was heard on the radio…

KMCK originally signed on the air in 1947 as KUOA-FM, an FM counterpart to KUOA 1290.  The calls changed to KMCK in the late 1970s. It went from AC to top 40 “K106” in 1979 and then back to AC.  KMCK changed from AC “K106” to top 40 “Power 105.7” July 1989.  Other than its 1991-1992 simulcast with KZBB, it has remained top 40 “Power 105.7” since then.  KMCK changed its city of license from Siloam Springs to Prairie Grove AR in 2011.

KZBB originally signed on the air in 1967 as KLCO-FM 98.3, simulcasting MOR KLCO 1280.  In the mid-1970s, KLCO-FM moved from 98.3 and 3 kw of power to 97.9 and 100 kw covering Fort Smith AR.  With the move, KLCO-FM flipped to country. It would change later to top 40 and then to religious KLUP.  In 1984, KLUP changed to top 40 KZZE “Z98,” with the KLUP calls and religious format moved to then-sister KTEW 1280.  KZZE changed calls to KZBB “B98” in 1986.  Following the 1991-1992 simulcast with KMCK, KZBB became AC “Star 98” and then rock, initially as “Red Hot Radio 97.9, Star 98” and later as “Zebra 98.”  In October 1997, KZBB flipped back to top 40 as “B98, Today’s Hit Music.”  In recent years, B98 has been a hot AC.

KMCK 105.7 Siloam Springs-Fayetteville/KZBB 97.9 Poteau OK-Fort Smith “the Power Station.” 02 February 1992.  DJ: Bazooka Joe.

KKXX 105.3 Bakersfield

Some call letters have enough heritages that they get recycled over and over in the same market.  In San Francisco, over the years, the KFRC calls have been 610, 1550, 99.7, 106.1, and today at 106.9.  In the Bakersfield radio market, the set of call letters that have been on the move is KKXX.  The calls first arrived when KUZZ-FM 107.9 Bakersfield changed calls to KKXX in 1977.  In 1988, KKXX changed to country, again as KUZZ-FM, migrating the country format of KUZZ 550 to FM.  Country competitor KAMM 105.3 picked up the KKXX calls and flipped to top 40 “Power 105” in 1988.  KKXX would largely evolve into a more rhythmic and dance-driven top 40.  The KKXX calls would move to sister smooth jazz KSMJ 96.5 in 1996, when it became top 40 “X96.5.”  It would be rebranded as “96.5 Kiss FM” in 2000.  KKXX changed formats to country KBKO-FM in 2004.  Yet another owner grabbed the calls — KKXX ended up 93.1 Shafter-Bakersfield in 2004.

The aircheck below is from the 105.3 incarnation after it dropped the “Power 105” handle.  105.3 today is Spanish adult hits KBFP-FM “La Preciosa.”

KKXX 105.3 Delano-Bakersfield. 23 July 1991.  DJ: Jim West.

KSNN 104.7 “Hot 105” Merced CA

This station originally signed on the air in 1966 as KLBS-FM 95.9, a FM sister to KLBS 1330, that it mostly simulcasted.  It moved to 104.7 and increased from a class A to 50 kw in the early 1980s.  After being sold off from KLBS, it became AC KSNN in 1982.  KSNN would eventually become top 40 “Hot 105” and then evolving into a rhythm and dance-leaning top 40.  The aircheck below comes one month before it changed calls from KSNN to KHTN (Sep 1 1991) to better reflect the “Hot” handle, which still remains today (as “Hot 104.7”).  In 2004, KHTN was re-engineered and changed city of license from Los Banos to Planada.

KSNN 104.7 Los Banos-Merced “Hot 105, Merced’s Only Hit Music Station.” 01 August 1991.  DJ: Pete Jones.

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