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Leadership: You Are Doing It Wrong

The results of the annual employee satisfaction survey have arrived, which got me thinking about all the managers I have reported to over the years. I have worked for 15 different managers in my career across different companies and different types of organizations (IT, R&D, product development). Of those 15, many were average, a few excellent I would be glad to work for again, and some truly terrible. There are always things I think I can do to improve my own leadership skills (learning and improving should always be a continuous process), but once again, my employees thought enough of me to score me very high. I have always scored much better than most of my peers, and I actually owe some of that to those managers I reported to who were truly awful leaders. The only positive for working for a terrible leader is that it teaches you how not to manage a group of employees. So, here are some of the things I have learned about good leadership from those terrible leaders: