Brace Yourself…Obnoxious Meatheads Are Coming

Christmas has come and gone.  Morning news and daytime newscasts have finally now stopped running stories about how to handle “bad Christmas gifts” (unfortunately, “how about being grateful someone thought enough of you to get you a gift” never seems to be advice for this terrible affliction).  Valentine’s Day candy is already available at the grocery store. That means January 1st is almost here…and that means a lot of people will resolve to get fit and join a gym.  It also means, a small segment of current gym goers will be doing their annual arrogant rants about newbies showing up to their gym and recycling this old meme all over social media yet again…

brace-yourself-newIndeed, most people will not stick with their fitness resolution, unfortunately.  The reality is a lot of people get nagged by a spouse or feel guilty with all those ads for weigh loss diets and gym memberships running on TV and radio, etc. to lose weight.  Those that tend to succeed with resolutions are those that have the drive from within to do it, not because they were pressured into them.

That being said, it is the attitude above that intimidates some folks (yes, some folks who are out of shape feel intimidated at the thought of going to a gym) and makes them feel unwelcome if they do go.  Personally, I don’t mind the January enthusiasm…some will stick it out and will make great progress which only motivates me to keep going with my own goals.  As well, I want to see the gym I go to thrive so I keep getting to go to it; getting new members keeps it going, because no matter how great the gym is, there will be some attrition as people relocate or move away over the course of a year.  The only thing worse than some gym rat complaining about newbies is the same gym rat complaining his hardcore gym closed down because it wasn’t making money, and he has to go to Planet Fitness now.

We were all gym newbies at one time.  So, how about helping out the new members and welcoming them for a resolution?


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